Day One

09:00 Registration and Refreshments
09:45 Chair and Delegate's Introductions
Chair's look ahead to the week
Delegates' introductions, objectives and organisational challenges
10:00 Your Leadership and Management Roles
Identifying current challenges in your roles, and how the agenda will assist you to overcome your challenges
10:30 Management and Leadership – differences, what do leaders do that is different
Applying behavioural theories of management and leadership
Leadership styles and their relevance to different situations and contexts
11:30 Morning Coffee
11:45 Different types and styles of leadership and underpinning theories
Typology of five decision-making styles
Examining the relevance for delegates' leadership and management
Developing principles of authentic leadership
13:15 Lunch
14:00 In what ways is leadership and management in the Civil Service/Public Sector different from leadership in the private and other sectors?
Similarities and differences
Placing leadership at the heart of organisational effectiveness
Providing innovation in the public sector
15:00 Afternoon Tea
15:15 Public service impartiality and the interface with politics – boundaries and challenges
Applying principles of impartiality to political situations
Examining the relationship between impartiality and politics
16:30 Close

Day Two

09:30 Refreshments
10:00 Culture
What is it?
Analysing the culture in an organisation and in your organisation
11:00 Morning Coffee
11:15 Leadership and Management in different cultures
Country, society, and organisation
Public sector v private sector
How these factors impact leaders and managers
12:45 Lunch
13:30 The Leader's role in creating and communication a 'vision' - and why it matters
15:15 Afternoon Tea
15:30 The roles of leaders and managers in relation to values and ethics and why they matter
16:15 End of Day Wrap Up and Questions
16:30 Close

Day Three

09:30 Refreshments
09:45 Chairman's Welcome and Introductions
10:00 Who are your role models as leaders and managers and why?
11:00 Morning Coffee
11:15 Key personal characteristics, motivations, behaviours and skills of leaders
12:00 Defining the key competences for leaders and managers and what that means for your development and the development of those who work for you
13:00 Lunch
13:45 How leaders talk to get their message across effectively
15:00 Afternoon Tea
15:15 The importance of building leadership resilience and resilient organisations
16:30 Close

Day Four

09:30 Refreshments
09:45 Chair's Introduction and Recap
10:00 The roles of leaders and managers in driving corporate strategy, business planning and organisational performance
11:00 Morning Coffee
11:15 The roles of leaders and managers in driving corporate strategy, business, planning and organisational performance (cont.)
13:15 Lunch
14:00 The roles of leaders and managers in driving individual performance, including building empowerment, motivation and trust
15:00 Afternoon Tea
15:15 The roles of leaders and managers in driving change – what works, why changes fail, key models and how to use them
16:15 Close

Day Five

09:30 Refreshments
09:45 Chair's Introduction and Recap
10:00 A changing world and the changing nature of organisations and what it means for leaders and managers
11:00 Morning Coffee
11:15 Surgery/workshop – using the work of the week to examine any existing or impending challenges not already covered during the week
12:00 CMI Qualification: Generic Overview and Principles
Structuring these two specific pieces of work to demonstrate all the CMI assessment criteria
12:30 Lunch and Close